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Dental Services & Treatments


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment very popular with patients who want to correct the alignment of their teeth…


A dental crown is used to restore a tooth damaged by major tooth decay or a slightly fractured tooth (far from the nerve)…


Implants serve to replace missing roots and hold replacement teeth in place. They may be removable or permanent …


We mainly resort to facets to restore discoloured, deformed or eroded teeth …

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the teeth farthest back in the dental arcades and sometimes refuse to emerge. To benefit from complete dentition, the back of the jaw should have sufficient growth…


The dentist then takes your impressions to design gutters for home whitening sessions…

Smiile Dental Experience

  • Clinic with a contemporary design where ergonomics and appearance blend in together perfectly.
  • Technological dentistry: digital radiography, laser treatments, laser teeth-whitening, invisalign, sterilization to the highest standards, etc.
  • A large team of dental specialists for your dental health.
  • Located in the well-known Centropolis, close to public transportation and surrounding all your favourite restaurants
  • Beverage area
  • Ample parking availability
  • Electronic entertainment (for all ages): All rooms (waiting area included) are equipped with televisions and BOSE speakers. Ipads are also available in the waiting area to surf the internet or play games
  • Rates respectfully follow the ACDQ guidelines. New patient promotions are offered.
  • Available financing
  • Extended morning and evening opening hours

Smiile Dental Clinic Dr Caroline Tabi

In 2013, Dr. Caroline Tabi started to create her vision of an accessible dental clinic for all, bringing together many dental professionals in one clinic in Quebec. After over 4 years, the dental clinic counts 10 general dentists, 1 specialist and 1 denturologist, as well as their respective teams. All dentists work together with the same philosophy of practice, which makes the clinic an environment where patients feel at ease. Every patient who enters the clinic will find a dentist according to his or her needs with whom he or she can create a long-term relationship to maintain a healthy oral health and create the smile so desired!


Orienting the practice to general dentistry, it offers a full range of oral care, also providing orthodontic services with Invisalign, the use of laser in its various treatments, Cerec technology and a 3D scan to name only a few.


Accessible and located next to several varied stores, the Smiile Dental Clinic Dr. Caroline Tabi serves customers from different areas including Laval, Montreal, West Montreal and the North Shore. Listening to its patients, the Smiile Dental Clinic Dr. Caroline Tabi team strives to provide every patient with a VIP dental experience at every visit.


If you live near Laval and are looking for a welcoming dental clinic with professional dental experience that is equipped with technological equipment, the Smiile Dental Clinic Dr. Caroline Tabi will be sure to meet your expectations. In addition, our team makes sure to treat patients in a calm and gentle manner, knowing that many of you dread their appointment at the dentist.


For any questions or to schedule a consultation, please call us at (450) 688-2533. We look forward to meeting you and offering you our VIP dental experience!

Our Dental Specialists

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight!

Dre Caroline Tabi


Dr Michael Sorek


Dre Diana Heckler


Dr Michael Bybelezer


Dr Mohammed El Kadiri


Dr John Ormond


Dr Claude Rodrigue


Dr Peter Safran


Dr Harry Wise


Dr Martin Wise


Ilan Amgar